The innovation that bears good fruit

Production in Lamonarca Winery began with vino sfuso (wine on the tap) and gradually diversified into various wine packaging formats, aimed at large distribution. Stocking capacity increased along with demand, leading the company to make important decisions regarding energy consumption and concern for the environment. Tetra Pak® and recyclable or environmentally friendly packaging was chosen so that production savings could be passed on to the consumer, as well as benefiting the environment. The use of renewable energy makes the company self-sustainable, thus avoiding production delays or interruptions and contributing substantially to environment safeguard. The company also invested heavily in its grape varieties. As well as the rich and scen
ted local grapes, appreciated and loved all over the world, they have included varieties from the most important Italian areas. The result was astounding, impressing even the winery staff themselves. From Nero di Troia to Castel del Monte DOC, from Rosso di Canosa to Rosso di Barletta and generally all national and local grape varieties, a high quality product, capable of satisfying any palate, was created.
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