The future has already begun

The Lamonarca winery guarantees quality and affordability, starting from the carton-packaged wine, which is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and in which the company has decided to invest heavily. The company recently implemented the very latest TETRA PAK systems, optimising product transport, and radically reducing the number of articulated lorries used against the same overall load as glass bottles, consequently reducing carbon emissions by a fair amount. Tetra Pak packaging, as well as optimally protecting the wine, is also environmentally friendly. The paperboard used is mostly made out of wood from responsibly managed forests: a cubic metre of wood produces 13,000 cartons, enough to sustain a family for almost 50 years. Selective logging, repla
nting new saplings for every tree cut and local biodiversity preservation have caused a 60% increase in forest area in Scandinavia. You can learn more about Tetra Pak's environmental policies on their website ( Lamonarca's bottled and jug wines use PET, an easily disposable and recyclable material, and glass, which will be used for the first time in the company's history for the Chevvino brand. This is a huge commitment for the winery, undertaken with the consumer and the environment in mind. Lamonarca offers less polluting packaging throughout the whole process, but remember that the last step is yours to take: we have to work together for a better future, we deserve it!