Quality under the sun

The Lamonarca winery puts quality first, aiming to satisfy intermediate and end consumer demands and expectations, working with specific objectives and mindful of the standards of its most relevant contenders within a highly competitive sector. This translates into a thorough monitoring of health and safety standards for the machinery, products and the working environment in general, in accordance with the HACCP system and IFS standards, as well as current national codes and legislations.

he company is well aware of how crucial personnel training, involvement and commitment at every level are. A constant exposure to technological advances as well monitoring aspects of management and quality assurance, combined with the experience and knowledge accumulated with time, enabl
es the company to engage the market ready to face and even anticipate critical situations and solutions. Lamonarca began work on a new challenge, in 2011, an extensive innovation and development plan, based on continuing concern for the environment and the sustainability of the entire production process. This wasn't just good intentions… it has already been actively implemented in the plants' roofs, for example, equipped with state of the art solar panelling. The Apulia region is already one of Italy's first in the use of renewable energy sources. As well as being conducive to a decreased impact on the environment, this self-sustainability and the use of renewable power sources will in time also guarantee protection from any energy price hike, with consequent positive effects on the product's final price.