Lamonarca, an Apulian company

Francesco Lamonarca has a passion for good wine, which is just as part of him as the land he was born and raised in, Apulia. He grew up in the generous vineyards around Castel del Monte, where grapes are blessed with warm sun and fertile soil. Like his land, Francesco's generosity drove his dreams into a lifelong mission to produce Apulia's most delicious wine. His Lamonarca Winery slowly grew into a sizeable venture, a large establishment where the entire vinification, stocking and bottling proce

ss take place. The grapes used are all prized local varieties, and the innovative machinery is the result of his business acumen, but the passion for his Apulian product comes straight from his heart. Francesco does also, however, love to expand his horizons. The continuous company improvement and the constant innovation are aimed at unceasing quality advances, company and consumer convenience as well as at making such an immediately popular product more widely available.

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