Lamonarca wines are produced on a wide area of land north of Bari, which has always been used for vineyards and wine making. It more or less covers the distance between the towns of Ruvo di Puglia and Barletta. The imposing Frederician castle Castel del Monte, also used as one of the icons for 1 Eurocent coin, overlooks expanses of olive groves and vineyards that yield excellent products. The Nero di Troia is one of the new stars of the Apulian wine scene, and it’s the basis for the three productions Doc Castel del Monte, Canosa Red and Barletta Red. The presence of some international grapes and some autochthonous – Bombino White, Bombino Black, Pampanuto, Aleatico and Aglianico, “borrowed” from neighbour Basilicata – makes the wine landscape of this area unique, with clear advantages for even the most common and traditional cultivars, and places it among the most significant in the region, even for average products.

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