The winery Azienda Vinicola di Francesco Lamonarca & C. Snc was established in Ruvo di Puglia, in the heart of the land around Castel del Monte, an area rich in native grape varieties that make the Apulian wine scene unique. It is an extensive industrial facility where the whole process of winemaking, storage and bottling of wine is carried out.
We have been on the market for two generations, mostly selling wine in bulk, later diversifying our business by bottling wines from traditional Apulian cultivations.
Our core business is now marketing bottled wine, with corporate or private labels, destined to Italian retail and distribution on the most significant European and emerging markets.


We at Lamonarca vinery, throughout the years, have decided to bet increasingly on the product’s reliability, with the end consumer in mind, offering our own family name as guarantee.
Our partners’ strong entrepreneurial skills and their focus on the modernization of production processes are the basis for constant wine quality improvement, and have enabled us to achieve goals of excellence.
The company’s stock capacity also ensures the product we supply is of constant quality and available at any time.


Quality and reliability are requirements that the Lamonarca winery guarantees, starting from the brik products, whose popularity among consumers is constantly growing. The company has, of course, decided to use the best, as shown by the recent supply to the company of the latest TETRA PAK system models to optimise product transportation by drastically reducing the number of trucks used compared to glass, with the same overall load, thus helping reduce Co2 emissions.

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* Tetra Pak packaging, as well as protecting wine perfectly, respects the environment as it uses cellulose from reforestation program areas: a cubic meter tree allows the production of some 13,300 cartons, enough for a family for almost 50 years. In Scandinavia, selective cutting, the planting of other trees for every tree cut down and the respect of local biodiversity, have resulted in an increase of 60% of forest area. Learn about TetraPak recycling on


In Lamonarca winery quality is an on-going process, aimed at meeting the demands and expectations of intermediate and final customers, following precise objectives and keeping the standards of the most reliable players in a highly competitive industry in mind. This translates into extensive monitoring of health standards and safety of facilities, products and overall working environment in accordance with HACCP principles and IFS standards, as well as the various codes and applicable national regulations. Our company recognizes the utmost importance of training, involving and making the most of our human resources at every level. The constant keeping up to date in technology as well as management and quality aspects, together with the experiences and know-how we developed throughout the years, allows us to go onto the market with the skill to face any critical situations and have solutions ready. Year 2011 sees Lamonarca heading towards a new challenge. A new project of innovation and development, based on our constant attention to the environment and sustainability of the whole production process. All this is more than just good intentions: it can already be seen in action on the roofs of our plants, sustaining a state of the art photovoltaic system, in a region that is already in the first positions in Italy for the use of renewable sources. As well as for the reduced impact on the environment, energy self-sufficiency and the use of renewable energy, it will also help later to be prepared for increases in the cost of electricity, with clear advantages for the final cost of the

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